How We Can Help

When you know something isn't quite right.


The core, fundamental requirement of IT and technology in general is to make life easier and to get things done more quickly. Everyone knows the frustration of something that you just need to work failing at the most frustrating time. Everyone also knows the frustration of a process or piece of software forcing you to do something in a way that just doesn’t make sense.

While we'd never claim that any system or process can be perfect, we know from long experience that most frustration with technology (and often genuine danger to the business) starts with the phrase “well, it works ok.” And the slickest, most featureful system in the world is useless if it isn't online when you need it or if you can't rely on it when you really need it.

At Filament, we bring IT expertise, but more importantly we bring the experience to engage in productive problem solving without getting lost in the problem. Not just "how do we fix this broken thing?" but "is there a better way to do this?"

Here are some of the ways that we deliver:

  • Evaluate your current situation- Take an independent look at your current systems and problems.
  • Business-focused discussions with your management team- What is really going wrong, and how does it really impact the business? Are we fixing a straightforward IT problem or do we need to go deeper?
  • Independent reporting of your needs- Top-to-bottom, solutions-oriented reporting of threats and opportunities.
  • Solution architecture- Laying out an actionable business plan to get where you need to be: updated IT systems, vendor changes, reorganizaton.
  • CIO advisory- An ongoing voice in technology strategy and planning specifically for your business, if you need it.