How We Can Help

Protect your most vital data


The IT security landscape is scary these days. You don't have to be an IT expert to understand that—you just have to pay attention to the news. And by the best data available, 60% of small businesses that suffer such a breach are out of business within 6 months.

In recognition of the threat landscape, large corporations are increasingly demanding IT security audit reports of their partners. So if you have any access at all to a big corporation's IT assets or confidential data, expect to get an audit report from them sooner or later. And you will need satisfactory answers to keep doing business with them.

What To Do?

While there is no such thing as a perfectly secure system, the truth is that most of these breaches do not happen as a result of targeted effort by masterful hackers. Hacking is increasingly automated and reliant on known software issues that the targets have simply failed to fix.

The aforementioned audit reports acknowledge that reality as well. As such, they are very typically focused on mature processes and procedures for keeping up with basic IT security measures and ensuring that breaches that do happen are accounted for quickly.

So, the good news is that if you make and document some straightforward, good-faith efforts to secure yourself and data in your trust, you have mitigated a huge amount of your risk.

So ask yourself: are you taking your IT security seriously? How do you know?

Here's how we deliver value:

  • Evaluate your current situation- We take an independent look at your current security posture.
  • Business-focused discussions with your management team- What are the data "crown jewels" of your business? What is the business impact and cost-benefit analysis of protecting that data? What partners do you have that may come knocking if they haven't already?
  • Independent reporting of your needs- Top-to-bottom, solutions-oriented reporting of security threats.
  • Solution architecture- Laying out a business plan to protect yourself: right-sized security measures, staff training, data security in the cloud.
  • CIO advisory- An ongoing voice in technology strategy and planning specifically for your business, if you need it.