Leaving IT Freedom & The New Adventure

Hi all,

I’m writing you today from the CES convention in Las Vegas. It seems like an appropriately exciting venue from which to share something that I’m very excited about.

While it hasn’t been a secret, I’d like to let everyone know that I’ll be leaving IT Freedom in a few months to focus on a new adventure. Specifically, I have founded Filament Technology Consulting, based in Houston.

Filament will focus on strategic IT consulting—simply put, making sure that the right questions are asked and answered before getting to the tactics of IT support.  We will answer questions like “what do we even need?” and “how can we be more technically creative than the other guys to get ahead?”

I also plan to expand the base of Filament’s services and concerns to capture the ever-deeper embedding of technology into our lives and the business interests of our clients, with a particular focus on future infrastructure spaces such as connected vehicles and urban infrastructure. Hence my visit to CES this year, where connected vehicle, smart cities, and 5G tech are taking center stage.

I want to sincerely thank everyone at IT Freedom and all of our clients who have put such profound faith and trust in us over so many years. The colleagues that I leave behind at IT Freedom will continue providing the best managed IT services available anywhere, and I’m proud to have been part of the team.

I hope to keep in touch with every one of you reading this. If there is any way that I can ever be of service to you or yours, please never hesitate to ask. I’d consider it a great favor if you would keep Filament in mind as you are talking with colleagues and others in your network about their technology challenges.



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